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My experience

Although I've been working as a financial consultant for big corporations for 14 years, my deepest dream has always been to bring my family tradition, alchemic potions and lotions to others. For centuries Spanish botanical alchemy has flowed within the women of my family, but I didn't unveil the secrets until I was in my late 20s when I obtained my Diploma in Spanish Alchemic Aromatherapy in 2002 which qualified me as a natural perfumer.

Qualified as a professional cosmetic formulator by my certification in Advanced Cosmetic Science (accredited internationally) my purpose is to design custom-made creations for other small brands or businesses that want their own personalised range of products or a bespoke scent that defines their uniqueness.

What I'm doing today is the result of a long journey that started more than 20 years ago (a lady never reveals her age). It is the fruit of years of research, experience, travels, studies and practice resulting in perfected expertise—with soul.

Atelier Cosmetics Designer

My Creative Process

When I started my diploma, I realised I could smell something others didn’t—the scent of a plant’s soul. Using the art of aromatherapy, along with perfumery’s magic and the ancient wisdom of alchemy, I can ‘squeeze’ a plant’s soul aroma and bring you a scent that connects and transforms our souls in a way no other smell can do.

When I create a scent (or essence) it embodies the alchemical spirit of ancient perfumery. Besides considering the olfactory pyramid of a scent (top, mid and base notes) and their olfactory subcategories (floral, fougère, woody...); my aromas are made of sophisticated synergies that follow the ancient alchemic vibrational division. The selection of essential oils is made according to the vital energies of the sun and the moon (their polarity) and combined to find the perfect vibrational balance of the final synergy.

My aim is to bring you the beauty of alchemic perfumery combined with innovative botanical ingredients. Plant-based elements are my passion; I keep myself up to date with the latest beauty trends and cutting-edge technologies used to process plants. 

Working Together

As consumers, we use personal care products every day and we love trying new products as we need or hear about them. When creating a new product, even the most seasoned cosmetic chemist finds some consumer habits that are ‘hard-wired’ into our brains and which are therefore hard to break. I know the features in your personal care products that are expected by your customers as well as the tricks to make your product meet consumers' expectations.


From the sensory experience to the efficacy of the actives that deliver results, I would like to design your new product and help guide you with its release. I have created a smooth and fuss-free process to help you define your new creation. I truly believe that quality never goes out of style and it is long remembered. My goal is to bring success to your brand and highlight your uniqueness.

Let's create together, shall we? 

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